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Jonathan is an amazing author and person. He has written a book full of gold. I was very impressed with the level of detail, which I know took many hours and is the product of a life up close and personal serving people as a coach and trainer in Newark and our church, New Life Fellowship over many years. He tackled many topics in a down to earth and very accessible way. I know his book will help many people. It’s incredible!!

Peter Scazzero

Teaching Pastor and Founder of New Life Fellowship Church, Queens, NY, Author of Bestselling Book, Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Over 500,000 copies sold)

I have to say, I have read many books on this subject, but by far this is the best I have read. This book is so amazing to me! The cover reveals exactly what is in it. It's full of well-written content, lessons, tools, and strategies on self-awareness, self-development and self-care, which are all necessary for healing, wholeness and fulfilling our God-given destiny. I love that it is not just informative but includes action steps because information alone will not heal us. Jonathan is a very anointed, gifted, and unique man of God, in touch with not only today's culture and generation, but also in touch with the very heart of God. His passion is easily felt on these pages to help the next generation overcome their adversities and exceed the present generation by giving them the tools needed that the previous generation did not provide. THAT IS THE HEART OF A TRUE COACH!! I believe everyone should have a copy of this book, wherever you are in your journey of discovery.

Reverend Dee Verhagen

Director of Life Guidance Center

Calvary Temple, Wayne, NJ

We, the advisors of the African American Club, were very pleased to have Jonathan help us celebrate Black History Month. The students, staff and faculty were impressed and captivated by his inspirational words and the message of encouragement, enlightenment and uplifting statements that mesmerized our students. I spoke with some of the students after the program and they were amazed to hear someone speak in a way that relates to them and understand their issues and concerns. He embraced the theme of the program “Empowering Yourself” by letting the students know that you can turn your negative situations into a positive incentive and use it to strive towards a better goal.

Mrs. Bobbie Wilson-Buie

Co-Advisor African American Club

Dickinson High School, Jersey City, NJ

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